Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't try this at home!

This summer I shot a bunch of underwater photos and I learned something new... Never use spirit gum to attach false eyelashes!!! I didn't read the warning label and had to wear sunglasses to hide the damage...

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Burbank International Film Festival

Check me out in "The God Complex" (I play Moses' wife). 
Screening this Wednesday, Sept. 15 3pm at the AMC Burbank Towncenter 6 in the Burbank International Film Festival.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things to do when it's 103 degrees...

Things to do when it's 103 degrees...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Daisy Power" gets a mention in academia!

The Sitcom
By Brett Mills
Published by Edinburgh University Press
North America distribution by Columbia University Press

Go here to see the what was written about "Daisy Power"

Edinburgh University Press website page for "The Sitcom"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've Experienced Time Travel!

When I went to work the other day they put me in a time machine :-)
 Ashlie Rhey

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Real Facebook friends tell you when you have spinach in your butt crack."

I was talking with a young woman who mentioned that she has two Facebook pages. One for her 'real' friends and family and one for 'other people.' She said that only the 'other people' get to see pictures of her tattoo because her family doesn't know about it. So, that makes her Two-Faced-Booked. She has Facebook and Fakebook. It's like naked pictures where you can't see the fun stuff; I call those pictures fake-ed.

And it's like when a "friend" tells you how good you look when you're actually looking hideous. I guess that's when you delete them from 'real' friend status and add them to your Fakebook page because real friends tell you when you have spinach in your butt crack. "Hey, do you want to borrow my butt floss? Uh, you have a little spinach stuck in your crack." And real friends love you even if you get a tattoo. Sadly, for that young woman it's looking like her Fakebook friends are the 'real' friends.

Ashlie Rhey

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing a cheerleader, again...

Shooting today, playing a cheerleader who's more messed up than ever!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some things are NOT: "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed!

We have a booming, multi billion dollar self help and spiritual growth industry that claims to have the book, technique, MLM, seminar or workshop that can transform us, and our lives, into our 'better' selves and lives. So, shouldn't we be healthy, wealthy, happy and living from our Divine Selves by now? Perhaps this exploding industry is actually a 'reflection' of where we're 'at' and it's just good old demand and supply.

Welcome to: The "Business" Of Human Evolution.

I recently had a conversation with one of my metaphysical Facebook friends that went something like this:
    Ashlie: I wish I had the time and money to… (Fill in the blank; it doesn't matter to what. And yes, wishing things were different than they are is pointless…)
    Friend: You have a month; maybe the money will appear by then :-)
    Ashlie: Well, I also need to fix the AC on my car.
    Friend: Then you better get to manifesting.
    Ashlie: Sometimes things just take the time they take to manifest.
    Friend: If you want them to take time… he he
    Ashlie: Humm... A baby takes nine months to grow... but ya never know, maybe I could just find a baby in a dumpster :-) Hey, I totally know that when my energy changes my life changes... but I also totally know that in this world it also takes time for living things to grow. The transformation of my state of being is the key to change…
    Friend: Yep =), and the transformation on your perception of reality, when you truly 100% believe anything is possible then it shall be =) im still not at the 100% mark yet ether though average manifestation time is 3 days for me atm
    Ashlie: Uh, my 'state of being' is inclusive of my 'perception of reality' and I perceive that it takes nine months to grow a baby… this is NOT "A PERCEPTION" of reality that I need to transform. But, since your average manifestation time is 3 days would you do me a HUGE favor and manifest a baby for me? You can leave it at my door, in 3 days, on Mother's Day :-) Please!? If you don't I'll have to do it according to my "untransformed perception" of reality and it will take at least 9 months :-(
Okay, I didn't send that last reply, but I wanted to because:

Some things are NOT: "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed!

I know it's up to 'me' to make the decisions to change my life. It's called free will, and the decisions we make for change are instantaneous, right now, and once you've decided it's already in the past and the very next moment, viola… you are living a changed future.

But it's the part, where you live in that new future that I'm talking about.

To me, this 'fast track manifestation' is like saying: "I'd like some corn", deciding to grow it in your yard, but after planting the seed you expect corn in 3 days. It's like we're blind to the fact that when we change ourselves by choosing new thoughts it takes time for our whole 'being', body included, to actually 'grow a new state of being'.

Maybe it's me; maybe I'm 'slow' and I don't 'get it', but sometimes when I talk to the 'movers and shakers' I feel like they're driving 100 MPH screaming out their window: 'just do it'! And yes, it bothers me because it is a reflection of part of me, I have been there and done that myself to a level that I am embarrassed to admit (See my previous blogs on positive thinking and proactive), yep, I'm an authority on this subject :-)

Moving on…

The way I see it, if you want to learn something, grow a business, or change your 'life' it takes time because your decisions cause your brain to start building new neural pathways that are connected to your body that is connected to your actions that are connected to your world. You are actually organically connected to your life and world through your body and your state of being. Yes, Virginia, you are living here in a body.

Are we evolving; or are we still lost in the illusions of this world? Are we so caught up in our manifestations and the manifestations we're creating by transforming our illusions… which often actually just produces different illusions, that we don't see we are throwing out our babies with the bathwater?

When our corn doesn't show up fast enough we get busy 'transforming' our perspective to 'make it happen', we open our minds to all avenues to corn. A problem happens when we choose the fast, store bought corn, which is actually someone else's corn, ya know; other peoples idea's of what is right for us or that quick fix change yourself book or workshop. This works, but your corn that you planted died while you were busy changing yourself according to what worked for someone else, and now you're just busy turning yourself into someone that's not even you.

Yeah, we now not only grow frankenfoods we are growing frankenpeople. Then, when frankenpeople eat frankenfoods we develop more and more new frankendiseases.

Is that what we want "The "Business" Of Human Evolution" to be?

Not honoring the time it takes to organically grow new thought patterns and more evolved states of being is the missing piece of the puzzle when people TRY HARD to DO their manifestations and nothing manifests. "Trying hard to do" is the divine active masculine energy our culture tends to live from, but no matter how much "just do it energy" you throw at a corn plant, it won't grow faster. Yep, you can continue to keep creating new 'illusions' of faster corn; you can even create new poison chemicals to keep pushing its growth until you've created death by poison.

I guess my point is, none of us would even be here if it were not for the slow, natural, organic growth of our bodies in the first place, bodies made by BOTH the active and passive divine energies.

Hey, I'm all for creating preferred illusions, but it IS still an illusion if it doesn't hold up over time. These current trends will eventually fade as they always do and only the parts that didn't kill off our species along the way will still be here in the future.

In honor of the divine feminine passive energy:

Happy Mother's Day!

And for all of us who are here because we have a body, had a Mother, and we live on "Mother Earth"… ya know, like, everyone… take a nice, long, slow, natural, organic moment to honor the divine feminine this Mother's Day, because:

Some things are not "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed.

Yeah, come to think of it, we do need to change our perspective :-)

By Ashlie Rhey

Monday, May 3, 2010

Proactive Is A Big Fat Buzz Word Pimple To Me

The first time someone used the word 'proactive' in a conversation with me; "You are being very 'proactive' about that", I got a massive case of the heebie jeebies. I don't recall what I was discussing with my friend when she said that but I really hated hearing that word, even though I didn't know the definition, so I looked it up:

    pro·ac·tive [proh-ak-tiv]: Serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation, esp. a negative or difficult one; anticipatory: proactive measures against crime.

When I read that I wondered what these 'expected' negative or difficult occurrences or situations were. I mean, I lock my doors as a proactive measure against crime but I had this very unsettled, visceral feeling about people being all charged up about being proactive.

As I'm writing this and pondering my feelings I want to say: if you 'expect' all men or women to be like the one(s) who broke your heart and you are being 'proactive' you will effectively have your doors to love locked up tight to prevent the anticipated occurrence from happening again and therefore love does not a chance of getting in. Looking at life from such a strong 'preventative' position I feel could set one up for failure in your relationship to not only love but also life in general.

That's not to say that if you've touched a hot stove (i.e. been in an unhealthy relationship) you should keep doing it because somehow that will make the stove "change". Repeatedly touching hot stoves would be the flip side to being proactive, where you never learn to lock your doors when appropriate. Maybe we should call that being conactive, like: "You are being very 'conactive' about that."

So, if you can be 'overly' proactive and have your doors bolted shut against letting anything in you can also be 'overly' conactive and have your doors so wide open that you let in everything, including the "hot stoves" you have learned you don't want in your life, and again you are set up for failure.

I have stayed busy in life flip-flopping from one side of these dualistic perspectives to the other. Come to think of it, I've even been proactive about being conactive and been conactive about being proactive… yeah; I was very successful at setting myself up for failure.

Another way I see this is; I can only be proactive about the future based on what I know now, and, since the future is subject to change…

By stepping back and looking at this I can see where I've held onto my hopes and dreams for my future so tightly that I squeezed the life out of life before it even had the chance to arrive. And now I know why I had such a strong reaction to proactive… Because being overly proactive and trying to completely control the future can actually kill the future.

So, from now on, I'm going to continue to lock my doors and plan as best as I can while I also hold a big wide-open space (where hot stoves are not allowed) and where there is plenty of room for my hopes and dreams for my future to arrive alive and breathing… with beautiful blemish free skin.

Or in the words of Forrest Gump: "Maybe both is happening at the same time."

Ashlie Rhey

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dallas Texas Celebrates World Laughter Day

Dallas Texas Celebrates
World Laughter Day 2010
May 2, 10 3-5 PM

White Rock Lake Park adjacent to The Bath House Cultural Center.


You are invited to celebrate World Laughter Day and experience a Laughter Yoga workout!

TIME Magazine, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, ABC News and Oprah have covered this worldwide phenomenon called the world's happiest workout!

The session will be led by local Laughter Yoga Leader Michele Schamburek assisted by local Laughter Yoga Leaders Ashlie Rhey, Eric Post, Margaret Johnson, Paul Workman and Mandie Navarro.

"I've tried it, and it works." - Oprah Winfrey
"I thought it was really empowering." - Jessica Simpson
John Cleese calls Laughter Yoga "Wonderfully ridiculous."

All ages and abilities are welcome; Laughter Yoga does not do pretzel poses.

Bring a beach towel, yoga mat or a lawn chair if you cannot sit on the ground. Dress for comfort, yoga or gym wear is not needed. Free parking. 

Donations will be happily accepted :-)

Location: 512 E. Lawther Drive, Dallas TX 
 Sponsored by Am iMusic? www.amimusic.info

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"I'm a starving artist so how can I be in the 50 percent tax bracket?"

I got a residual check for my work as an actress and it is the absolute smallest check a person could get: 1 cent! My gross pay was 2 cents; my net pay was 1 cent. My tax withholding was 1 cent which puts me in the 50 percent tax bracket. So, I guess you could say, my net is gross.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this picture?

I do understand, that if a company, according to my Union Contract, has to pay me the 2 cents it owes me that they 'have' to pay me; but that's just stupid too.

Some things in life just don't add up.


I used to think “Two and a Half Men” was a TV sitcom but it turns out it's actually a reality show and the star is not 'acting;' rather he's just being 'real.' Yes, Charlie Sheen has gone to rehab and he's hired a 'sober coach' to shadow him and prevent him from falling off the wagon.

At least if Charlie Sheen is in the 50 percent tax bracket that part makes sense. But now that we have 'reality shows' that are fake and TV shows that are real I'm not sure I'll be able to make sense of TV ever again. Give me some good old “Bewitched” where we knew it was all just made up for our entertainment. Ya know, real TV where real actors were REALLY acting, where gay men played nice middle class husbands with female wives.


Antiquated laws that have not been repealed like: In Fairbanks, Alaska, it's illegal to give a moose alcohol and it's also illegal for moose to have sex on city streets… So if the police caught some moose in the act would they really write them a ticket? That would be another waste of taxpayer's money, like the one cent withholding on my 2 cents residual check.

Or, I could look on the bright side and say, “Golly gee, I must be on the road to great prosperity because I am in a much higher tax bracket now.”

Of course, this is just MY two cents. Which, unfortunately, I’ve shared with Uncle Sam.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Does positive thinking work? Where's my cheerleading outfit and I'll tell you."

I discovered "The Power Of Positive Thinking" in high school and I felt like I discovered the answer to my bad feelings about myself. Before that discovery I was unaware that I had negative thoughts and that those thoughts were what made me feel like a loser. This concept gave me hope that I could do something to change myself, so I went to work to change my thinking.

The first thing I created with my new 'power' was becoming a cheerleader. Then, at our first football game I asked, "What's a first in ten?" Crap! Who knew cheerleaders were supposed to know how the game was played? Oh well, I didn't actually care about how the game was played; I still don't want to know. This makes me worry about people who use positive thinking to become things like doctors. What if they don't care about how my body works; they just wanted to become a doctor?

Looking back now, I realize I was just a kid who felt like I didn't fit in and I thought becoming a cheerleader would transform my social awkwardness and give me the confidence and self-esteem I was lacking.

It didn't.

But it did give me hope; hope that I was actually capable of doing things in life. So I started doing things, things like sex and drugs and rock and roll. Then, when my self-esteem hit an all time high, I got drunk and threw up in the head cheerleader's mom's car.

They say there is a price for success but my tendency to live in denial made me ignore that chapter because another thing being a cheerleader gave me was creepy vibes. Creepy vibes from creepy old dads with crusty penises. I'd be cheering, “Give me a G-O-T-E-A-M” and they were hearing, “Give me a P-E-N-I-S... what's that spell???” For me it spelled: “I will ignore creepy vibes.” Besides, you can't confront someone for giving you vibes. I mean if they don't actually say or do something inappropriate what the heck can you do without looking like a lunatic? Oh the price of success! Or in my case, the sweet smell of success was starting to smell like crusty penises.

So, does positive thinking work? Yes. But my problem with it was it created more problems than not knowing I had negative thoughts. It gave me the 'power' to keep pursuing accomplishments I believed would somehow magically change my real problems. It was a tiring, depressing, vicious circle. I became a hamster on the positive thinking wheel. Eventually, I just got too tired to continue running and pretending to be a hamster, endlessly chasing the hope that I could change myself from the outside.

Yeah, I still don't feel like I fit in and I still have self-esteem issues but simply admitting this is so much better than trying to be a hamster.

Or maybe, what we really need is something truly revolutionary like: "Positive Thinking For Hamsters: Get Off The Wheel And Get A Life You Stupid Rat."

Can someone PLEASE give me an E-S-T-E-E-M… what's that spell?

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You will also find this post at ZOIKS! ONLINE