Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some things are NOT: "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed!

We have a booming, multi billion dollar self help and spiritual growth industry that claims to have the book, technique, MLM, seminar or workshop that can transform us, and our lives, into our 'better' selves and lives. So, shouldn't we be healthy, wealthy, happy and living from our Divine Selves by now? Perhaps this exploding industry is actually a 'reflection' of where we're 'at' and it's just good old demand and supply.

Welcome to: The "Business" Of Human Evolution.

I recently had a conversation with one of my metaphysical Facebook friends that went something like this:
    Ashlie: I wish I had the time and money to… (Fill in the blank; it doesn't matter to what. And yes, wishing things were different than they are is pointless…)
    Friend: You have a month; maybe the money will appear by then :-)
    Ashlie: Well, I also need to fix the AC on my car.
    Friend: Then you better get to manifesting.
    Ashlie: Sometimes things just take the time they take to manifest.
    Friend: If you want them to take time… he he
    Ashlie: Humm... A baby takes nine months to grow... but ya never know, maybe I could just find a baby in a dumpster :-) Hey, I totally know that when my energy changes my life changes... but I also totally know that in this world it also takes time for living things to grow. The transformation of my state of being is the key to change…
    Friend: Yep =), and the transformation on your perception of reality, when you truly 100% believe anything is possible then it shall be =) im still not at the 100% mark yet ether though average manifestation time is 3 days for me atm
    Ashlie: Uh, my 'state of being' is inclusive of my 'perception of reality' and I perceive that it takes nine months to grow a baby… this is NOT "A PERCEPTION" of reality that I need to transform. But, since your average manifestation time is 3 days would you do me a HUGE favor and manifest a baby for me? You can leave it at my door, in 3 days, on Mother's Day :-) Please!? If you don't I'll have to do it according to my "untransformed perception" of reality and it will take at least 9 months :-(
Okay, I didn't send that last reply, but I wanted to because:

Some things are NOT: "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed!

I know it's up to 'me' to make the decisions to change my life. It's called free will, and the decisions we make for change are instantaneous, right now, and once you've decided it's already in the past and the very next moment, viola… you are living a changed future.

But it's the part, where you live in that new future that I'm talking about.

To me, this 'fast track manifestation' is like saying: "I'd like some corn", deciding to grow it in your yard, but after planting the seed you expect corn in 3 days. It's like we're blind to the fact that when we change ourselves by choosing new thoughts it takes time for our whole 'being', body included, to actually 'grow a new state of being'.

Maybe it's me; maybe I'm 'slow' and I don't 'get it', but sometimes when I talk to the 'movers and shakers' I feel like they're driving 100 MPH screaming out their window: 'just do it'! And yes, it bothers me because it is a reflection of part of me, I have been there and done that myself to a level that I am embarrassed to admit (See my previous blogs on positive thinking and proactive), yep, I'm an authority on this subject :-)

Moving on…

The way I see it, if you want to learn something, grow a business, or change your 'life' it takes time because your decisions cause your brain to start building new neural pathways that are connected to your body that is connected to your actions that are connected to your world. You are actually organically connected to your life and world through your body and your state of being. Yes, Virginia, you are living here in a body.

Are we evolving; or are we still lost in the illusions of this world? Are we so caught up in our manifestations and the manifestations we're creating by transforming our illusions… which often actually just produces different illusions, that we don't see we are throwing out our babies with the bathwater?

When our corn doesn't show up fast enough we get busy 'transforming' our perspective to 'make it happen', we open our minds to all avenues to corn. A problem happens when we choose the fast, store bought corn, which is actually someone else's corn, ya know; other peoples idea's of what is right for us or that quick fix change yourself book or workshop. This works, but your corn that you planted died while you were busy changing yourself according to what worked for someone else, and now you're just busy turning yourself into someone that's not even you.

Yeah, we now not only grow frankenfoods we are growing frankenpeople. Then, when frankenpeople eat frankenfoods we develop more and more new frankendiseases.

Is that what we want "The "Business" Of Human Evolution" to be?

Not honoring the time it takes to organically grow new thought patterns and more evolved states of being is the missing piece of the puzzle when people TRY HARD to DO their manifestations and nothing manifests. "Trying hard to do" is the divine active masculine energy our culture tends to live from, but no matter how much "just do it energy" you throw at a corn plant, it won't grow faster. Yep, you can continue to keep creating new 'illusions' of faster corn; you can even create new poison chemicals to keep pushing its growth until you've created death by poison.

I guess my point is, none of us would even be here if it were not for the slow, natural, organic growth of our bodies in the first place, bodies made by BOTH the active and passive divine energies.

Hey, I'm all for creating preferred illusions, but it IS still an illusion if it doesn't hold up over time. These current trends will eventually fade as they always do and only the parts that didn't kill off our species along the way will still be here in the future.

In honor of the divine feminine passive energy:

Happy Mother's Day!

And for all of us who are here because we have a body, had a Mother, and we live on "Mother Earth"… ya know, like, everyone… take a nice, long, slow, natural, organic moment to honor the divine feminine this Mother's Day, because:

Some things are not "a perception of reality" that needs to be transformed.

Yeah, come to think of it, we do need to change our perspective :-)

By Ashlie Rhey

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